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What is a Transaction Coordinator or TC?

Also called a Transaction Manager, a TC typically follows a task list for a real estate agent, team or brokerage to manage contract deadlines and contingencies, manage documents, schedule events (photography, inspections, closing etc.), and much more. A good TC can save an agent 10-24 hours per transaction!

Our Services

Why do I need a Transaction Coordinator?

New Agents Use Us Because...

  • They’re not yet familiar with the contracts and other documents.
  • They’re not yet familiar with the software their broker needs them to use.
  • They don’t know when to communicate and with whom, to keep the transaction from falling through or closing from getting delayed.
  • They need to use their time setting up their CRM and other marketing systems, building their referral base, branding themselves, and networking.
  • They want to look like a rockstar to their clients and colleagues, and generate referrals, despite being inexperienced.

Experienced Agents Use Us Because...

  • They don’t want to waste time on non-revenue generating activities.
  • They’re busy and overwhelmed trying to juggle it all.
  • They’re not tech savvy and struggle with broker required software and e-signing apps.
  • They want experienced, knowledgeable help but don’t have time to train their own staff, or don’t want to deal with payroll and benefits.
  • They want another set of eyes on deadlines, loans and contingencies, keeping deals on track.
  • They don’t want their commission check delayed by missing or incomplete paperwork.
  • They want to spend more time with their family or on self care.

The services we provide

About Cook Transaction Services

Currently providing transaction coordination services for agents, teams and brokerages in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee. New states are added as needed.

We are proficient with the following apps for document management and broker compliance: Dotloop, Transaction Desk/Zipforms, Docusign, Paperless Pipeline, Skyslope and more. No worries, we’re eager to quickly learn any new apps required by you or your brokerage to provide our services.

For transaction management, we use the most comprehensive and customizable software available. It includes a portal that our clients use to see all property details, transaction statuses, deadlines,  documents, contacts and more.

Please refer to our Services page for details of the services we provide. We are proud to provide more comprehensive services than most transaction coordinators, while still remaining competitively priced.

Meet the owner

Why not do what you really enjoy and excel at? That’s the question that led Trena Cook to put her Real Estate license in referral status and start a Transaction Management business, after six years of sales in Tennessee. After a move to Florida, it was time to put her best skills to work helping other agents achieve their goals.


“Trena Cook is a FANTASTIC transaction coordinator. Trena knows contracts forward and backward, she’s responsive, organized, and gets the job done accurately. She always has a great attitude and is ready to help. I highly recommend Cook Transaction Services.”

Shannon Hickman


“Trena was excellent with working on getting the necessary answers to questions I asked. She started working on my transaction after my contract was in, but she jumped in and made it happen. She was great with communication and hearing my frustrations without dismissing me.”

Tosha Pearson-Royston


I am a realtor who has needed the help of a TC due to this crazy busy real estate market. Trena has been phenomenal in keeping me on point with my deadlines. She is the only TC that I have had to pick up the phone and call me when something was majorly missed on my end vs hoping I see the email before the deadline. If your looking for a TC that does more than just paperwork this is the gal to hire. She even gave me some suggestions for finding moving boxes for my client’s move. She walks my clients through the process while allowing them to have an emotional break down. Doesn’t get any better than Trena!! Hire her today!”

Candice "CeCe" Ellis

Broker/Owner, Ellis Luxury Homes, LLC

Trena is amazing and has never dropped the ball on me even in the toughest transactions. Highly recommended for any agent that wants more time in their day!

Steve Hammond


“Trena is the ideal person to assist you in growing your business and leveraging your time and skills. She is an experienced contract specialist with an eye for detail. She is an exceptional communicator and sets a high bar when it comes to doing a job right and doing it right the first time. Trena is a good listener and will take excellent care of you, your clients and all parties in the transaction! Ring her, you will be glad you did!”

Brenda Shelly


“Trena is easy to work with! She communicates well and is friendly. Trena understands real estate contracts and each step between signing a contract and closing day. And she can be trusted to get things done!”

Lisa Higgins

Brokerage Office Manager

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