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Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive transaction coordination services for the most competitive prices.

listing management service

Basic Listing Management $150*

  • Prepare complete pre-listing document package (listing agreement, disclosures, agent and internal brokerage documents, amendments/addenda); send for signatures, review for accuracy and compliance; upload to Broker compliance app and Agents’s file storage app.
  • Schedule Photographer and other service providers for pre-marketing preparation.
  • Set up listing on Broker compliance app.
  • Request and record HOA contact information, documents, application and transfer process.
  • Pull tax record and previous MLS listing data.
  • Request preliminary title search, if requested by Agent.
  • Input MLS data, upload photos and attachments for Agent review. Agent to provide descriptions/remarks. Email Seller a link to the listing for review and correct as indicated.
  • Download MLS listing copy in Coming Soon and Active Statuses, and submit to the Broker compliance app.
  • Set up showing service.
  • Schedule open house(s) on MLS and showing service where applicable.
  • Update MLS listing status at applicable timepoints.

*Additional MLS fees may apply, in order for us to have an administrative login for your profile. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

listing coordination service

Premium Listing Management $200*

  • All services included in Basic Listing Management package.
  • Create flyers, postcards, and social media posts/ads from templates approved by Agent. Submit flyers and postcards to printing/mailing company as directed, per Agent’s needs and budget.
  • Promotion of listing on Agent’s social media (free posts and/or paid boosts or ads, as requested by Agent) for Coming Soon, Just Listed, Open House, Back on Market, Under Contract, and Sold time points.
  • Update Agent’s CRM at applicable timepoints.

*There is a one time set up fee for this service of $200. Additional MLS fees may apply, in order for us to have an administrative login for your profile. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

realtor document preparation service

Listing or Buyer Agreement Document Packages $25-$35

  • Prepare listing agreement or buyer representation agreement and necessary disclosures and send to Agent for completion of commission and terms fields, and signature.
  • Send to Agent’s Clients for signature.
  • Create Listing in Broker’s compliance app & upload documents, if applicable.
  • Send copies to Agent or upload to Agent’s preferred app.



contract to close service

Contract to Close $350*

  • Review all contracts and documents for completeness, accuracy, compliance; request corrections/send additional documents for signature as indicated. Upload to Broker compliance app and Agent’s file storage app.
  • Email welcome letter to all parties, including contact information of pertinent parties, timeline of pertinent dates, copy of executed contract documents and special instructions.
  • Provide Agent and Client with portal/mobile app which includes property information, timeline dates, documents and contact info for the parties to the transaction. App can be used to upload or download documents as well.
  • Provide Client with free Real Home Connections personal concierge service to move utilities and forward their mail for them, and help them change their address and get quotes for other moving-related services.
  • Schedule inspections and follow up on reports, repair amendments and repair receipts.
  • Track all timeline dates, special stipulations, and receipts of documents.
  • Send calendar invites for Agent’s and Client’s calendars, updating as indicated.
  • Maintain consistent communication with Agent and Seller/Buyer and other parties with status updates and reminders and to manage timeline.  Send educational emails to Seller/Buyer along the way.
  • Coordinate and track earnest money deposits, obtain receipt, distribute to all parties and Broker compliance app.
  • Draft addenda/amendments, disclosures, notification forms, documents for Agent approval and send for signatures, ensuring compliance is met; submit to all parties and Broker compliance app as indicated.
  • Troubleshoot issues throughout the transaction as indicated.
  • Coordinate removal of staging furniture if applicable.
  • Order home warranty if applicable.
  • Coordinate final walk through, closing and property access and possession.
  • Review Settlement Statement and send it to Agent and Client for review.
  • Complete and submit Broker disbursement form and checklist if applicable.
  • Collect closing documents and copy of commission check from closing company and submit to Broker compliance app.
  • Perform final file compliance audit and ensure a complete Broker file.
  • Send complete document file to Client and upload to Agent’s file storage app, to include a PDF of communication messages.
  • Send a thank you email to all parties.
  • Request testimonial from Client three times during the transaction.
  • Send final settlement statement to Client the following January for taxes and request referrals.
  • Any other agreed upon services.

*Dual agency transactions are $500.

broker compliance service

Compliance Only $150

  • Upon executed contract: collect, review and organize contracts and related documents for completion and compliance; obtain missing signatures, information and documents; upload to Broker compliance app and set up transaction. Send Agent calendar invites for all deadlines and send Agent reminder emails or texts the morning before deadlines.
  • One week before closing; compliance audit, request any additional documents to complete the file, upload docs to Broker compliance app, and complete/submit Broker’s disbursement form or checklist.
  • After closing: collect closing documents and upload to Broker compliance app, upload all transaction documents to Agent’s file storage app.

Why Cook Transaction Services?

  • Not only do we offer the typical Transaction Coordination for Contract to Close, but we have two Listing Management packages, a Compliance Only package, and Listing/Buyer Agreement Document packages. Though we are not assistants, we will occasionally take on an hourly task for our clients, on a case-by-case basis.
  • We offer an Agent Portal and a Client Portal accessible by mobile device as well as desktop/laptop, which allows them to:
    • View property details
    • View deadlines
    • View clickable transaction contacts (title reps, lenders, buyers/sellers, service providers, and more! Don’t worry, your clients don’t have access to contact information for the other side of the transaction.)
    • View and download transaction documents
  • We send calendar invites and reminders to agents and their clients for pertinent events, to include address and time. For agents, that typically includes just events they need to attend, so that we’re not cluttering up their calendar. For their clients, that typically includes any important date we want them to remember: earnest money due date, home inspection date, etc.
  • Agents’ clients get free access to a moving concierge called Move Easy. This service provides a concierge to transfer their utilities, change their address with the USPS, and help them find quotes and book services for other moving-related services.
  • Easy digital intake forms. You can use your phone or laptop to submit files to us. Our intake forms only require information that we can’t find on our own. And you can attach files to the form, so no separate email is required. Our job is to maximize your time, and we do our best to achieve that!
  • We educate your clients throughout the transaction on what to expect and what is expected of them, and provide helpful information.
  • Easy pay invoices. We use a secure, electronic invoicing system that stores your debit or credit card or bank account information, so you can pay in one click or have us debit your account for you. Once paid, you’ll receive a paid receipt for your tax records. (Yes, our services are tax deductible!)
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Frequently Asked Questions

No question is silly. If you don’t find your answers here, reach out to us anytime and ask away!

What’s the difference between a Transaction Coordinator and a Transaction Manager?

These terms are used interchangeably in the industry (and usually just called a “TC”), but we prefer the term “manager” for our business, because we take charge of the mission to get the transaction to the closing table in time. Compared to other “TC” businesses, we provide a very comprehensive service package and task list, rather than just providing a very basic “contract to close” service. However, some view a transaction manager as a licensed person who takes over every aspect of the transaction. We do NOT offer this service. The Agent has the fiduciary duty to their client and therefore is the one who advises the client, assists with negotiation, and is responsible for the accuracy of all documentation and information disseminated.

What are your business hours? Are you available after hours?

Our business hours are from 9 to 5 Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Since we do not draft offers, there is typically nothing that requires us to be available outside those hours. We may make an exception if there is a true emergency, but we make every effort to stay well ahead of all deadlines, to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Do you offer volume discounts?

As we do roughly the same amount of work for each transaction, we do not offer volume discounts. However, we offer $50 off your first Contract to Close service and a $50 credit for each Referral that uses our service. You also save $200 for dual agency/facilitation transactions vs being charged full price for each side.

How do I submit a file for you to start working on?

Our goal is to make your life easy! We have very brief digital Intake Forms, asking only the questions that we can’t answer from the documentation that you submit to us. You can also upload pertinent documents via the Intake Form or email them to us, or we can grab them from your document management app (Dotloop, Transaction Desk, etc). You can access the Intake Forms in the Client Area of our website, after you have completed our Onboarding Process. We recommend our clients save our website and their agent portal link to their phone’s home screen, so they’re available on the go. 

What’s your agent onboarding process like?

When you’re ready to get started, you’ll complete our digital Onboarding Form in the Client Area of our website to answer questions and upload your vendors, app logins etc.  We will send you our Service Agreement, Policies and Procedures, and Fee Schedule for you to read and digitally sign. We may email, text or call you with any additional questions, but that’s it! You will be ready to submit your first file in as little as a few hours from beginning the process! Note: For new states or if we are extremely busy, we require longer lead times for set up before accepting your first file.

Is your staff licensed in real estate?

Currently, we only have a retired license in Tennessee. The states we serve do not require licensure to perform the tasks that we do. Please note we do NOT negotiate or discuss things with Buyers/Sellers that their Agent should be discussing with them. We will complete or correct some contract documents at the direction of the Agent, but nothing goes out to any other party without a review (and initial) by the Agent first. Therefore, content of all documents remains the responsibility of the Agent.

What if I want to change some of the tasks? Are your services flexible?

The short answer is, yes, we are flexible! While we are not employed assistants, but rather independent contractors providing services that need to be scalable, we realize every Agent runs their business differently and we try to adapt our task lists accordingly. The most important factor is communication. We try to set up expectations for all parties before we ever begin working.

When is payment due, and what forms of payment do you accept?

For Contract to Close service, we get paid when you get paid! Payment is due within two business days of closing. There is no charge for canceled transactions. If you use only one of the Listing Management services or Listing/Buyer Agreement Doc services, payment will be due within two days of the work completion. We invoice you before payment is due, and you can pay directly from the invoice by ACH or credit card or we can even automatically charge your card, if you prefer. We can also accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

What states do you serve? Will you be adding more?

We currently serve agents in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee, but we are open to adding other states on a case-by-case basis. We are committed to providing comprehensive, quality services, so adding a new state can take quite a bit of investigation and implementation before we can accept new files from it. If it looks feasible, we need only a week’s lead time to get set up and ready to accept that first file!

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